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françois (1) Should I fear gluten?

Nutrition is a very popular topic right now! We have all heard about the Atkins diet, the Montignac method or the high-protein regime. It is gluten’s turn to be under the spotlight since it is triggering a worrying question in us: should we fear consuming gluten?

To answer this question we have to first understand coeliac disease. It affects approximately 1% of the population and causes severe digestive problems. It is a hereditary gluten allergy in which the only treatment is an exclusion diet. We are also noticing an increasing amount of people developing a more moderate intolerance to gluten, noticeable by digestive and inflammatory problems. This “gluten sensitivity” phenomenon is however hard to identity and quantify; recent studies tend to link it to a variety of health issues such as migraine, epilepsy and schizophrenia.

Even if new studies are necessary in order to better understand the issues surrounding gluten consumption, for now being aware of such issues is best. In addition, people with digestive and inflammatory disorders can try to reduce or exclude gluten from their diet in order to see if there are any improvements in their symptoms.

By François Tremblay, Naturopath



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loulou (2)Hello darling!

Our two friends Emily and Camila who knows me, invited me to participate in their blog. I could not refuse. They want advice on food of course, but also on life, love and other topics that might interest you … Do not hesitate to write me to give me suggestions.

Primo, if  you eat your emotions … or not, try to eat REAL FOOD, as natural as possible, without chemical additives. Secundo, do not believe all that is written on packing my dear!

I will relate an experience I had.  Following a bad news last week, I ate a whole orange bag! Yes, I did! I comforted myself by telling me that I had spoiled my cells and to finish, it did not make me feel guilty at all!  I went outside to get some fresh air. That was the best thing to do: a 30 minute walk in my district, looking at the sky, the trees, the houses in the neighborhood… I became more extrovert and finished jogging back home. Then, I did not listen to the news on TV to depress again (there is enormously bad news these times, almost all time in fact). I read a good novel accompanied by a delicious mint tea.

One last small tip: if you have a long working or study day in front of you, slip some small snacks  in your bag, a fruit or either high fiber veggies, nuts with some dates or either a vegetable juice.