Emily, Jay’s ex

It’s crazy how an ex can stick long to your name … in your friends’ memory as well as your enemy’s one for that matter.

Another concern: how to stop the “self- depressing” habit of reading gossips on the Spotted College page without becoming completely paranoid, dispirated, or …

Luckily, Emily has her good friend Camila who does not revel in judging other people’s actions. But sometimes it is not easy. Especially when …



c-amicale petite

Camila, Emily’s friend

Camila has found a way to encourage her friend Emily to regain control, like cooking her own meals amongst other things. She takes advantage of her own mother’s knowledge to test new ingredients, and find simple solutions to help her friend to face “problems” and therefore solve them.



cegepqueenThe mysterious blogger Spotted

What is known about the mysterious COLLEGEQUEEN is the fact she abhors “ordinary” girls, false chicks wearing unbranded clothes, those waddling with their “sports” look, or worst they exercise, jog or go after yoga followers, a clique more interested by vegetable juice than diet drinks (with aspartame)….

The SPOTTED of the mysterious COLLEGEQUEEN will teach you more. See the buzz of her undercover agents in CUISINE and GOSSIPS.


françois (1)

The naturopath

According to Camila, “We never have too many naturopaths in a family”.

It’s up to you to enjoy now, and be part of the family!

Here is a short excerpt from Loulou de la Rive’s interview with Francis, Naturopath

Loulou: Hello, Francis Dear! Without further ado, let’s get to the question that concerns us today: as a naturopath, what’s your definition of eating well?

Francis: Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean eating nothing but bean sprouts. Nor does it have to be a chore. It can and should be pleasant. It should taste good. And if it means feeling full of energy, why deprive ourselves?

Loulou: I agree completely! So, shall we have to relearn what food taste like?

Francis: This is what I tell everyone I meet: patients, clients, friends, and family.

Loulou: Why? ( Read more in Cuisine and Gossips)